Luxury aircraft in studio

A harmonious marriage of impressive performances and an elegant form, sleek aerodynamic lines and unrivalled versatility, LISA has reinvented light aviation with the AKOYA.
A light two-seater aircraft, the AKOYA is a unique aircraft that has been created to enable you to reach previously inaccessible places. It is unique because it can land on any surface. It is unique because of its style. And it is unique because it is produced in limited edition, making each AKOYA an exceptional aircraft.

Fly to amazing places every day and throughout the year

Much more than an amphibious aircraft, or a mountain aircraft, the AKOYA—thanks to the patented “Multi-Access” technology—enables you to travel on water, land, and on snow, and is easy to store and transport thanks to its retractable wings. It will delight lovers of travel and exploration, inviting them to discover the most unusual and previously inaccessible places on earth: wild creeks, private airstrips, golf courses, Scandinavian fjords, snowy plains, fine-sand beaches, ski resorts, majestic rivers, ice fields, and so on.
All you need to do is choose where you want to go next …


A seaplane that does not compromise on performance

In addition to its unrivalled versatility, the AKOYA has exceptionally sleek aerodynamic lines, making it the world’s best performing aircraft. Everything possible has been done—in terms of autonomy, speed, and fuel consumption—to ensure that each of your flights is an exceptional experience. After a pleasant flight at a speed of around 135 knots (155 mph), the AKOYA can land in a space of less than 650 ft and can easily be stored in a garage, thanks to its folding wings. The AKOYA will bring the pleasure of air travel to your door and will take you directly to your destination, thanks to its range of 1080 NM (1,250 miles) and extremely low fuel consumption.
With the AKOYA, LISA has boldly introduced a new lifestyle in the world of light aviation.

Akoya skiplane on white background

An eye-catching design

In addition to its undeniable strengths in terms of performance, the AKOYA is a veritable feast for the eyes. Its sleek and slender lines, unusually high-quality finish, and its “Seafoils” (hydrofoils), with which no other aircraft is equipped, make the AKOYA an aircraft that is instantly recognizable. It proudly boasts a highly sculptural design, created with great attention to detail, and skillfully combines aesthetic beauty, exceptional quality, ergonomics, and intuition.


A combination of light aviation and luxury

The AKOYA is a combination of technology and innovation, built entirely in carbon fiber using a very sophisticated manufacturing process, which is used in certified aviation. However, when it comes to finish and comfort, nothing can beat the skill and expertise of a master craftsman. Inspired by the manufacturing excellence of yachts and luxury cars, we have integrated all this refinement into our aircraft, by adopting an approach that is unique to LISA and which is synonymous with audacity, innovation, contemporary design, and simplicity.

The new approach to travel will rapidly alter your idea of speed.