High performance amphibious airplane thanks to hydrofoils technology

The AKOYA cockpit provides a pleasant environment for pilots and passengers and unrivalled comfort. Its interior, ergonomic and entirely adjustable seats, and its panoramic electrically operated canopy have all been designed to enhance one’s sense of well-being.

Luxury airplane comfortable interior

A spacious cockpit

The AKOYA has achieved the ideal balance between support and freedom of movement. The space on board—which is 4.3 ft wide—is much greater than on other two- and four-seater light aircraft, enabling the pilot and passenger to sit down comfortably and feel at ease throughout the flight, no matter what the person’s morphology. The AKOYA’s seats are unusually large and perfectly ergonomic. The inclination and depth of the back are adjustable, as is the seat’s height, enabling you to set up the ideal flying position while being perfectly supported. And the passenger can adjust his or her seat for a more relaxing experience.

Personal airplane floating on water with opened canopy

A veritable haven of peace

The AKOYA’s structure, with its pure lines, has been designed to combine performance, design, and comfortable sound levels. In addition to its specific noise reduction, the engine power unit, placed at the rear of the aircraft, displaces the engine noise and the turbulence produced by the propeller from the cockpit, which makes this area far less noisy. Hence, you will be able to enjoy in peace the splendid view from the AKOYA’s panoramic tinted canopy.

Light aircraft with big luggages compartiment

An expandable luggage compartment

The sense of spaciousness is not limited to the cockpit. Behind the seats, under the wings, the AKOYA has a large hold than can accommodate two cabin suitcases, as well as an extension for your leisure equipment; the plane can hold all sorts of items, ranging from golf equipment to skis, fishing rods, diving equipment, photo gear, or even various souvenirs brought back from your adventures.