Some colorful sketches about innovative airplane Akoya and cockpit

Streamlined forms, graceful curves, noble materials, and a touch of color all come together to create an aircraft with an understated and dynamic appearance. For LISA Airplanes performance and aesthetic appeal are equally important. Each AKOYA is designed like a veritable masterpiece, and its French roots are reflected in its design. Great care is taken with each detail and all the finishing touches are carried out by hand, ensuring that each aircraft is a unique piece.

Akoya lsa aircraft with folding wings

AKOYA : combining beauty and performance

Instantly recognizable with its streamlined forms and “Seafoils” (hydrofoils)—it is the only aircraft in the world to be fitted with these devices—, the AKOYA airplane has a distinctive presence, whether on the tarmac or alongside a boat.
Each line and each detail has been created not merely to enhance aesthetic pleasure, but also to optimize aerodynamic performance, because, to quote Marcel Dassault’s succinct statement, “for an aircraft to fly well, it must be beautiful.”

Light sport aircraft canopy and interior cockpit in workshop

The centerpiece : the canopy

The canopy is perfectly integrated into the form of the fuselage and greatly contributes to the AKOYA’s unique design. Created in one piece, this part has been designed with the utmost care to give the pilot and passenger an exceptional panoramic view and to respect aerodynamic purity. Combined with the aircraft’s graphic design, the ensemble highlights the dynamism and fluidity of its curves and makes the AKOYA a distinctly contemporary aircraft.
The electrically operated opening system, which is both light and strong, adds the finishing touch to the ingenious design.

Canopy and light aircraft’s green eye

The importance of simplicity

The apparent simplicity of the AKOYA’s forms is the fruit of great technical complexity. The entirely curved fuselage, from the nose to the end of the engine nacelle, is made from two composite half-shells. Nothing of this assembly is visible and the ensemble has a perfectly fluid form, like a drop of water.
Similarly, all of the immovable parts are entirely concealed; not a single rivet or screw is visible, to ensure that the overall purity of the forms remains untarnished.
The result of this work is an aircraft with slender forms that attract the eye, capture the imagination, and turn the AKOYA into an airplane that is instantly recognizable and stands out from all the others.

Seaplane interior and its comfortable cockpit

The cockpit: designed like a cocoon

The curved and sleek lines of the cockpit are in perfect harmony with the AKOYA’s external envelope, inviting one to climb on board for a thoroughly enjoyable flying experience in a comfortable seat. This environment has been designed according to exacting specifications and with remarkable creativity, resulting in a satisfying blend of comfort, functionality, simplicity, and beauty. The whole process is designed to instantly procure a sense of well-being.

Benefitting from all the comfort and safety equipment that usually feature on a high-end aircraft such as the AKOYA, the simplicity of the control panel and the cockpit are, at first sight, slightly disconcerting. However, once on board, everything you require is available and on hand and, little by the little, the passengers will be delighted by the charming details.