Light airplane Akoya and its turquoise cockpit

The AKOYA’s standard equipment is almost incredible for an aircraft of its category. Every single aspect has been carefully designed: comfort, versatility, safety, instrumentation, finishing touches, and practical and functional details.
Offering high-end equipment “as standard” has another major advantage: the stated payload capacity is exactly what you will get!

kt, maximum speed
mpg, fuel consumption
miles, range
Airplane dimensions
In flight
Wings Extended
23.00 ft
7.00 m
Wing span
35.80 ft
10.90 m
Height (including propeller)
7.50 ft
2.30 m
with wings folded
25.90 ft
7.90 m
12.80 ft
3.90 m
Trailered width
7.70 ft
2.35 m
Height (including propeller)
7.50 ft
2.30 m
Cockpit dimensions
5.60 ft
1.70 m
Elbow width
4.30 ft
1.30 m
Cockpit will comfortably accommodate pilots who are
4’11” to 6’6” tall
1.50 - 2.00 m
Airplane weight
Maximum take-off weight
1,430 lbs
650 kg
Useful load (depending on options)
550 lbs
250 kg
135 knots
155 mph
250 km/h
Vmax (S-LSA)
120 knots
138 mph
222 km/h
Vc (cruising speed) (CS-LSA)
124 knots
143 mph
230 km/h
Vc (cruising speed) (S-LSA)
116 knots
133 mph
214 km/h
Vce (economy cruising speed)
103 knots
118 mph
191 km/h
Vs1 (stalling speed with f laps retracted)
45 knots
53 mph
83 km/h
Fuel consumption
5,6L/100 km
42 MPG
(Unleaded 91 octane or 100LL)
3 gal/h
11 L/h
Take-off and landing distance
650 ft
200 m
Climb rate
1,400 ft/min
Maximum load factor
Flying range
at Vce
670 NM
750 miles
1250 km
at Vce with optional 29 gal -110L tank
1080 NM
1,250 miles
2000 km
Data results from calculation and flight tests and are subject to change.
High Performance Structure
Similar to race cars & boats: high-strength carbon with a sleek surface
High quality mechanical systems of titanium and aluminum
Corrosion and UV resistant
Patented Multi-Access Water, Ground and Snow capabilities
Patented Seafoils
Conventional landing gear, electrically retractable - suitable for salt water operation
Skis-in snow skis retractable with the landing gear
Fail-safe and easy-folding wings (manual standard, electrical optional)
Mooring and towing hooks
Unmatched Comfort
Electrically operated tinted canopy
Fully adjustable cockpit (backrests, headrests and rudder pedals)
Dual flight controls
Ventilation, heating and glass de-fogging system
Integrated steps on the Seafoils for easy access
Spacious baggage compartment for 2 suitcases and sports equipment
12V power outlet, charts pocket, headset supports and jacket hook
Fully Customizable Cockpit
Whole cockpit lined with customizable high-end materials (e.g leather, nubuck, special coating, large selection of colors,...)
Extensive choice of colors for aircraft colors (pearl or glossy f inish)
Total Safety
Emergency airframe parachute system
Water/Runway safety selector – landing gear configuration audible/visual alerting system
Automatic landing gear extension in emergency mode
Folding wings with secure mechanical lock, without disconnection of f light controls, and with wing configuration and locking indicator display
Canopy emergency release
4-point seat belts
Differential braking system in rudder pedals and hydraulic disc brakes
Parking brake
406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
Position and anti-collision lights
Reliable Engine Power Unit
Rotax 912 ULS 4-stroke and 4-cylinder 100hp power engine
18 to 29 US gallons tank (70L to 110L) and electric fuel pump
Electric starter, carburetor heat, cowl flap
Stainless steel exhaust muffler
Reinforced fixed pitch three-bladed ground adjustable propeller
10" Glass Cockpit with EFIS, EMS, GPS navigation system with aeronautical charts, 3D synthetic terrain vision, and second battery
Analog instruments
airspeed indicator
Mode-S Transponder
VHF - Radio with intercom