Seaplane landing on the Seattle bay

The AKOYA is classed in the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) category, established in the USA in 2005 and recently adopted in Europe. This category lies between ultralight aircraft and classic certified aircraft. The LSA regulations are recognized or are being adopted, in most of the world. More flexible than certified aviation, the LSA provides pilots with freedom and comfort, as they can benefit from many technological innovations.
Although it is “classed” in this category, the AKOYA is really in a special category of its own—justified by its versatility, performances, comfort, and passive safety features, which are far more exacting than other aircraft in the LSA category—and therefore constitutes an entirely new and high-end lightweight LSA category.

Light Aircraft with Intuitive cockpit interface

An elegant, simple, and ergonomic onboard interface

Close collaboration between the technical office and the Design Studio has produced an aircraft that combines aesthetic beauty and functionality in a unique, simple, intuitive, and ergonomic control panel. The slim control panel, a perfect extension of the center armrest, houses most of the instruments and buttons, each of which has been selected and positioned to simplify flight operations. The flight controls are a natural extension of the pilot’s hands and enhance the sense of comfort during the flight. The overall simplicity of the cockpit means that you can commence your flight confidently and enjoy observing the landscapes below.


High-end avionics

The AKOYA is fitted with the latest generation, clear, reliable, and intuitive instruments.
Its central instrument panel, the “glass cockpit,” contains all the flight parameters and the engine information on an optimized interface that is very easy to use. The high-resolution screen, perfectly placed on the instrument panel, is anti-reflective and has excellent luminosity, enabling perfect legibility throughout the flight.
The GPS, aeronautical charts and the 3D synthetic vision of the terrain greatly facilitate the flying experience and add to your feeling of serenity. And the 3-axis autopilot will make your long-distance trips even more agreeable!

The most pleasant way to fly to new destinations

All the magic of the AKOYA would be irrelevant without the simple pleasure of flying. Designed to react with reliability and precision, the AKOYA is a dependable aircraft. The pilot is never thrown off guard by unexpected behavior. Each flight control has been carefully designed to meet your expectations: the homogeneity of the controls, absence of play, ease of movement, and the accurate transmission of aerodynamic forces. The dual flight controls will delight passengers who can also experience the joys of flying.

The same approach to flying whatever the surface

When you arrive at your destination, you can land with complete peace of mind. Whatever the surface, you can adopt the same approach to flying. Thanks to the AKOYA’s design and conventional landing gear, the pilot can hold the same pitch attitude and have the same visual references during take-off and landing, whether on water, land, or snow. This homogeneity eliminates the flight complexity generally associated with polyvalent aircraft.
Every moment spent on board your AKOYA is a real pleasure!