Swatch book for customized airplane interior

The AKOYA caters for the specific requirements of its owner. The interior and the exterior can reflect the owner’s personality down to the tiniest details. Hence, LISA has once again shifted the codes of light aviation by offering to design your AKOYA according to certain specifications.

The AKOYA can be adapted to different personalities

There are three customization themes and an infinite number of combinations that enable you to create a unique piece:
The “Sensation” theme is synonymous with freshness and will dynamize your interior and awaken your desire for exoticism.
The “Intuition” theme sooths its passengers in an imaginary world of dreams and the desire to travel.
The “Emotion” theme combines warm and strong colors that will greatly enhance your sense of well-being.

Your custom-made airplane

For the most creative among you, LISA can design and make an entirely made-to-order aircraft by combining materials, colors, and various graphic elements. There are endless possibilities for personalizing your aircraft and reflecting your own style, perfecting the unique appearance of the plane’s interior, and integrating your personal preferences, via a specific design and materials.

High end materials for custom-made aircraft

Your aircraft is taken to perfection with the finishing touches of master craftsmen

Produced in a limited edition, each AKOYA will be unique to its owner—a unique piece, whose finishing touches are meticulously completed by hand. Each material is taken to perfection by a master craftsman or craftswoman, who is passionate about his or her métier and loves a good challenge, and who will transform the interior of your aircraft into a harmonious combination of lightness and refinement.