Akoya amphibious aircraft flying above lake and colorfull woods

Designed to provide complete freedom of mobility, embark on your AKOYA right in front of your home and fly directly to your favorite place. You will no longer need to take off in an airport and you will at last be able to enjoy the pleasures of air travel.

Private seaplane flying above beautiful water

A light aircraft with an exceptional range

With its 2,000 kilometers of range, travelling right across Europe, flying to the Caribbean from the United States, or making a round trip to your favorite winter sports resort will be easier than ever.
Thanks to this range, which is exceptional in light aviation, the AKOYA will not only take you to amazing places—it will enable you to go on tours, comprising many stages, without having to depend on refueling points. You will have the freedom to land where you want, even in the most remote areas.

Private airplane in workshop with luxury cars

The fuel consumption of a small city car and the speed of a sports car

Fitted with a 100-horsepower Rotax 912 engine, the AKOYA, thanks to its exceptional glide ratio of 1:20, can fly at a speed of up to 135 knots (155 mph). But the aircraft’s aerodynamic properties come into their own when low fuel consumption is combined with speed.
Hence, the all-terrain aircraft can fly at a speed of 108 knots (124 mph) and only consume 11 L/h (42 MPG) of unleaded fuel, which is two to three times less fuel than most other aircraft. And apart from the obvious benefit of the low fuel consumption for the environment, less fuel means more luggage in a light aircraft! You will no longer have to choose between range and the luggage you carry!

AKOYA amphibious airplane flying with a sailboat on lake

An adapted engine power unit for extra peace of mind

Adapted and optimized for the AKOYA, the architecture of the engine power unitsaves energy, and is reliable and light, in order to make optimal use of its performance. The aircraft’s exhaust system, which is fitted with a customized muffler, makes the AKOYA an environmentally friendly aircraft, while remaining unobtrusive for its passengers and local residents.