Seaplane with folding wings in front of a villa

The AKOYA also adapts to restricted spaces. After landing, the AKOYA perfects the art of remaining unobtrusive. The aircraft’s wings can be folded in an instant, enabling it to be stored in a garage or, quite simply, take up less space in a hangar. The process is extremely safe and easy, and can be completed by one person in only two minutes. You can quite easily consider keeping your AKOYA at home!

Aircraft dimensions with folding wings

The AKOYA can be reduced in size for transportation by road

For even greater flexibility, the AKOYA can be rapidly transformed for transportation on a trailer. In addition to its folding wings, the hydrofoils and the empennage can be detached in order to further reduce the aircraft’s bulk and achieve compatibility with the European width limit for road transport, which is 2.50 meters.
You can therefore take your aircraft wherever you want!

airplane with folding wings stocked on a trailer