A nice place to land on with a skiplane

Fly from dry land to snow-covered terrain: the AKOYA’s versatile landing gear is another facet of the patented “Multi-Access” technology. Fitted with wheels and skis, it enables you to fly to destinations with every type of terrain and therefore offers you the benefit of no longer having to use airports.

This aircraft will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of “carefree travel”; you will be able to fulfill all your travel dreams—the sky’s the limit!

Skiplane on snow

Explore uncharted territory

The pleasure of travelling is even greater when one is aware of the constraints that have been removed. The AKOYA’s landing and take-off distance of only 650 ft, combined with the versatility of its landing gear, make the most inaccessible places accessible. You will no longer need to use airports and you will even be able to take off from your own home!

Snow runway just before skiplane landing

The “skis-in” offer you the opportunity to fly to magical destinations

Who has never dreamed of landing next to a chalet at the foot of the ski slopes, and then strapping on their skis? Thanks to the “Skis-in,” attached to its wheels, the AKOYA can land on and take off from snow-covered terrain and take you to your favorite winter sports resort, in the heart of the Scandinavian plains or on the shores of a frozen lake in Canada.

The AKOYA is versatile, at all times …

The AKOYA can also adapt to unexpected situations. If a snow storm has transformed your landing strip into a ski run, you will not need to cancel your trip: the “Skis-In” enable you to move your aircraft from a dry surface, such as your garage, to snow-covered terrain, without making any modifications. All you will need to do is take your skis on board and fly serenely to your destination for a weekend in the open air.
And for more temperate climates, the size of the wheels and the shock-absorption system also make it possible to land comfortably on dirt and grass landing strips.