High end aircraft shadow following a boat on sea

To make your aquatic experience even more incredible, the AKOYA can be transformed into a veritable yacht tender and be used as an air taxi or, quite simply, sit alongside your other tenders.
Do you wish to join your family and friends on your boat at sea, or to fly over the surrounding area and land in a creek with a mask and snorkel for some impromptu underwater exploration? On board your yacht, the AKOYA will substantially increase your range of activities.

Luxury aircraft on a yacht deck

Your aircraft on your boat

The term “Multi Access,” which refers to the large number of accessible places, applies to the flight possibilities and the storage and transportation of your amphibious aircraft on your yacht. The AKOYA’s power-assisted retractable wings will enable you to store the aircraft in a restricted space in only two minutes, in a garage or on the deck of a boat. The detachable mooring hooks have been designed to facilitate maneuvers and moving the aircraft into water.


Tailor-made solutions created for you …

Each client’s specifications and boat are unique. The designers in the LISA Design Studio are at your disposal to offer you custom made solutions adapted to your needs and your boat. Whether you use an access ramp, a floating pontoon, or a houseboat, their creativity and ingenuity will enable them to offer you the ideal solution for storing and transporting your AKOYA and facilitating the boarding process.

yacht tender sketches