AKOYA - most versatile airplane

To support us in our LSA certification process in the United States, we have chosen to work with Adam Morisson of Streamline Designs LLC (USA).

Adam is auditing the entire certification process for the AKOYA design. He also advises us on the quality procedures and methods we set up for AKOYA production. In the coming months, Adam is going to be involved on several meetings at our facility and at our various subcontractors in pre-auditing our entire production and supply chain.
This regular follow-up will provide the best possible conditions for the AKOYA’s certification and avoid any risk of incorrectly interpreting a regulation requirement.

Since the creation of Streamline Designs in 2003, Adam has guided many companies towards the certification of their models of aircraft, including several LSA certifications. He is also Vice-president of the ASTM committee drafting LSA standards.
We were convinced by his experience, technical knowledge in aviation and regulatory expertise.

LISA AKOYA Light sport aircraft certification team