Efficient 2 seat airplane

From the begining, LISA Airplanes was introduced as a “pleasure aircraft creator”. Beyond private aviation, LISA has created a new vision of mobility and a new way to travel that perfectly combine freedom, pleasure, safety and performance.

With the French passion of aviation as a legacy, LISA’s team “got free” from the conventional aeronautical design to create an innovative technology, and a new generation of aircraft.

The World of LISA

LISA Airplanes was primarily established to create leisure aircraft. To develop its brand, LISA decided to mix genres to create its own label just like the great fashion couturiers and design aircraft that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also truly unique.


Quest for perfection

AKOYA has a remarkable ability to combine performance, versatility, top-of-the-range equipment, comfort, and a large payload capacity. This feat is made possible by the use of the very best materials and a precise and optimized design, created by LISA’s engineers.



LISA’s adventurous approach would come to nothing without innovation. Far from being an end in itself, this is an important tool for realizing goals and successfully attaining the objective of creating a new form of aviation.