Light amphibious aircraft taking off from wtaer

LISA’s adventurous approach would come to nothing without innovation. Far from being an end in itself, this is an important tool for realizing goals and successfully attaining the objective of creating a new form of aviation. This is why, ever since the company’s establishment, LISA has been investing in Research and Development, with the conviction that the fruit of this work will lead to the company’s success in the long term.

Some of the greatest technological advances have been based on the most far-fetched ideas. With this approach the LISA team has already created a small revolution in the world of light aircraft; but this is only the beginning. The first fruits of this research produced the “Multi-Access” system, which is a unique combination of two hydrofoils (“Seafoils”), retractable landing gear fitted with skis (“Skis-in”), and folding wings; these are major innovations that have completely changed the standards of light aircraft.

When innovation meets design and simplicity



Agile and stable on the surface of the water, and rapid and fluid in the air, the AKOYA’s high performance is due to its “Seafoils”.





Established in the heart of the French Alps, LISA had no difficulty in extending the concept of versatility to snow-covered terrain.



Folding wings

Finding a place in a hangar to store your aircraft is not always an easy task.




The AKOYA’s only additional flight complexity compared with a conventional aircraft and this applies to all amphibious aircraft is the need to position the landing gear correctly, depending on the landing surface.