Akoya on snow, land, and water thanks to multi access technology

AKOYA’s only additional flight complexity compared with a conventional aircraft and this applies to all amphibious aircraft is the need to position the landing gear correctly, depending on the landing surface.
To avoid any risk of pilot error, LISA Airplanes has developed a landing assistance system: the “Multi-Access” selector.

Landing surface selector multi access on the akoya intrument panel

Guaranteed on-board safety


Designed specifically for the AKOYA by LISA’s design team, the new flight assistance system enables the pilot to select the surface on which he or she wishes to land: water, land, or snow. When the choice has been made, the landing surface selector activates the warning system, confirming the surface chosen and reminding the pilot to lower the landing gear before landing on land, and to raise it before landing on water.

In the event of a mistake when choosing a landing surface with the selector, the pilot is alerted by an audible warning system. This simple and effective system enables the pilot to make the right decisions during the preparation for landing and, above all, avoid making careless mistakes and the “common” errors that occur all too often in aviation.

LISA AKOYA Light 2 seat airplane on airport runway