LISA Akoya aircraft skis-in technology on snow

Established in the heart of the French Alps, LISA had no difficulty in extending the concept of versatility to snow-covered terrain. But, although it was quite a logical idea for LISA’s founders, it was an ambitious challenge for the company’s engineers.

Skis and wheels: multi-confuguration landing gear

The addition of skis to the AKOYA’s landing gear should in no way impair the aircraft’s other capabilities, or require the aircraft’s owner to carry out any additional operations. In the very first sketches, a combination of skis and wheels (the “Skis-In”) was designed, enabling the AKOYA to move from a hard surface to a snow-covered surface at all times. Hence, the “Skis-In” are an integral part of the landing gear and are attached to the wheels: there is no need to remove them when your journey in a snowy environment has ended.

AKOYA combined landing gear with skis and wheels


In a single operation and in the same way as the wheels, the “Skis-In” are retracted and become invisible when the retractable landing gear is activated. Once the wheels and skis are retracted, the AKOYA can land on water and is the only aircraft in the world to offer such versatility.

When the wheels and skis are lowered into place, the AKOYA can easily move from one surface to another. On an airstrip or grass landing strip, small wheels mounted on the skis prevent them from coming into contact with the ground. And, when the aircraft lands on snow, the wheels sink into the snow slightly, enabling the Skis-In to enter into contact with the snow-covered surface and slide on it.


With the AKOYA—an amphibious and mountain aircraft that can travel on land, water, and snow—there are limitless possibilities when it comes to your next holiday destinations!

Skiplane in the Alpes