AKOYA amphibious aircraft with folding wings

Finding a place in a hangar to store your aircraft is not always an easy task.
The ingenuity of the AKOYA and the “Multi-Access” technology lies in the aircraft’s ability to remain inconspicuous when it is not being used. A key and two minutes are all that is needed to fold the AKOYA’s wings and ensure it takes up three times less space.

Store and take your aircraft wherever you want

A space of 8 x 4 m is sufficient enough to store your AKOYA, when the wings are folded. If the available space is less than this, or if you want to place the aircraft on a trailer, the empennage and the “Seafoils” can also be detached in an instant to reduce the aircraft’s total width to 2.35 m.

airplane with folding wings

An extremely safe and easy process

To minimize the pilot’s involvement, the AKOYA is equipped with a folding wing system that is very easy to operate and does not affect the flight controls. A key releases the pivot’s mechanical lock pin, which makes it possible to fold the wing alongside the fuselage in a single movement. The wing’s semi-circular movement removes any risk of the wing coming into contact with the ground during the operation.
Thanks to a bell crank lever, the flight controls remain connected, even when the wings are folded, which considerably reduces the risk of a failure of the wing flap and aileron controls when the aircraft is in flight.
Lastly, a warning system enables you to ensure that the wings are locked before takeoff.

A wing pivot system designed for light aviation

The principle of folding wings is neither new nor unique to the AKOYA. However, in civil aviation, it is very often more akin to a wing removal—with all the associated safety risks—than an actual wing folding system.
LISA has therefore drawn its inspiration from certain Air Force planes used on aircraft carriers. Extensive research and development work and tests were required to adapt this concept to the constraints of light aviation: safety, user friendliness, and weight. After several years of development and several versions of the aircraft, the AKOYA now has a unique system that is a perfect combination of lightness, ease of use, and safety.

Akoya with folding wings on a parking slot
Simplicity is perfection