Efficient luxury amphibious airplane

LISA Airplanes was primarily established to create leisure aircraft. To develop its brand, LISA decided to mix genres to create its own label just like the great fashion couturiers and design aircraft that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also truly unique.

Despite the company’s relative youth, it has managed to make its mark in the sector as an avant-garde company that has transcended the traditional boundaries of aviation. It has already marked the history of aviation in 2011, thanks to the inaugural flight of a seaplane that took off using a system of hydrofoils and that was only the beginning of a remarkable venture.

The most pleasant way to fly to new destinations

The essence of LISA


Inspired by the unbridled freedom of the skies and man’s desire for ever greater independence, we create unique planes that are forged from our dreams and our imagination.


Our heritage


We are not descendants of the great French aviation families, but we have grown up with dreams nurtured by the great figures of aviation history.




In 2004, LISA Airplanes was established by Erick HERZBERGER, Luc BERNOLE, Benoit SENELLART, and Jean-François CLAVREUL in France’s Savoie region of lakes and mountains.


Sources of inspiration


Lightness is not incompatible with luxury and technology. On the contrary, we see this constraint inherent to light aircraft as a springboard for developing even more ingenious solutions.


Who is LISA?


This is a recurrent question, to which there is no simple response. One thing is certain: the name LISA is often the subject of many questions.


The team


LISA is not represented by a face, several faces, or an effigy, but is rather the combination of a multitalented and bold team of people who are passionate about their métier and this is what makes the company so effective.