from last century seaplane to the amphibious airplane AKOYA by LISA

We are not descendants of the great French aviation families, but we have grown up with dreams nurtured by the great figures of aviation history. Our childhoods were marked by the story of St Exupéry’s Petit Prince and we have inherited a historical and cultural tradition of aviation in France that has largely contributed to developing our passion for flying.

The wonderful and inspiring history of french aviation

The tradition of aviation in France is very strong and has been marked by many emblematic figures: Louis Blériot, the first airman to cross the Channel, Henri Fabre and the first autonomous flight in a seaplane, and Roland Garros and the first crossing of the Mediterranean; and female figures, such as Adrienne Bolland, the first airwoman to cross the Andes. The list of famous airmen and women is long, but what they all have in common is bravery, strong convictions, an absolute desire to realize their dreams of freedom and exploration, and a passion for innovation to push the boundaries ever further.
Our company is driven by the same spirit and the same desire to transcend boundaries, because we are convinced that the story of aviation is far from over and is, if anything, at the dawn of a new era.

Three French aviation pioneers: Louis Blériot, Henri Fabre and Adrienne Bolland