Likeness of AKOYA seaplane and nature

Lightness is not incompatible with luxury and technology. On the contrary, we see this constraint inherent to light aircraft as a springboard for developing even more ingenious solutions. We draw our inspiration from many fields, and we use the best aspects of existing ideas and develop, adapt, and enrich them to create truly innovative aircraft

Luxury car with elegant and original shape

The comfort and refinement of yachts and luxury cars

As the symbols par excellence of luxury products, yachts and luxury sedans are wonderful sources of inspiration; firstly, in relation to their design because of their elegance, the refinement of the materials from which they are constructed, and their audacious designs; and, secondly, due to their ergonomic and comfortable features, which are reflections of inventiveness of the best designers on the planet. We ensure our airplanes have the same elegance, by designing them with our uniquely streamlined and bold style.

Organic inspiration

Nature is also an “artist” that skillfully combines complex systems and aesthetics. Hence, our conception of luxury and performance is directly inspired by some of nature’s finest works.
This organic influence is the source of many concepts that have now become powerful symbols of the AKOYA, like the shape of its fuselage, which is directly influenced by the aerodynamic qualities of a drop of water.

AKOYA aircraft has an aerodynamics similar to some gliders

The finest marine vessel and aircraft designs

LISA believes the finest technological achievements in transport are to be found in non-motorized vehicles. And when the contours and forms are optimized to ensure the product’s successful functioning the results are generally excellent.
The streamlined contours of gliders strongly influenced the unique forms of the AKOYA, while the ingeniousness of the hydrofoils on racing sail boats, especially those fitted on the Hydroptère, was the principal source of inspiration that led to the highly innovative “Seafoils.”

Contemporary design

With a passion and admiration for the creative and thought processes inherent to contemporary design, we stimulate our imaginations by observing the trends in various creative fields. Our ideas might just as well be inspired by the shadow cast by a building, the fold in an item of clothing, the reflections and curves of a sculpture, the streamlined forms of an armchair, or the atypical colors of a watercolor.

Akoya inspiration moodboard : contemporary art and design
Matching materials and colors to create its own symphony