Aviation new lifestyle

Inspired by the unbridled freedom of the skies and man’s desire for ever greater independence, we create unique planes that are forged from our dreams and our imagination. Our approach is an enterprising one that combines very different fields of expertise, enabling us to innovate and develop advanced technologies to create a new form of travel that is both an exceptional and sensational experience.


This ambitious mission is complemented by strong values cultivated since the establishment of LISA, which are shared by the whole team.
We ensure that this DNA, which is so characteristic of LISA Airplanes, endures and finds expression in each of our ideas and creations.

Our enterprising approach is what makes the difference

This is what inspires us to pursue our dreams and create designs that many would believe impossible. It also inspires us to cast aside preconceptions and develop truly different products.

Our french roots

Inspired by the courage of the pioneering men and women in the history of French aviation, we are continuing their pioneering work using technology and innovation to take to the air. Designed and produced in France, our products reflect our roots, combining the latest aeronautical technology with a typically French elegance.

A dream of freedom

This is an inherent part of the DNA of everyone who loves flying. It guides our designs and inspires us to innovate and adopt an innovative approach to travel.

Artistic inspiration

We are inspired by contemporary art and streamlined contemporary designs. Our primary aim is to create aesthetically attractive forms that are inspirational and immediately arouse a desire for travel.

Nurturing a sense of well-being

Well-being is not merely a question of comfort. All the senses must be stimulated for a truly immersive experience. We strive to ensure that all of our products enhance this sensation.

The fruit of perseverance

Developing and producing well-designed aircraft requires great conviction, patience, and perseverance the very qualities that make our designs so successful.

The art of simplicity

We develop complex technologies and innovations. This makes it even more challenging to meet our goal of making them intuitive and easy to use, because we believe that simplicity is perfection.

Tomorrow’s travel

Future transportation will have to adapt to man’s universal desire to travel and come together, while reducing the environmental footprint. These considerations have inspired us to develop the “Point-to-Point” and “Multi-Access” aviation concepts.

Your desires are our inspiration