This is a recurrent question, to which there is no simple response. One thing is certain: the name LISA is often the subject of many questions.
The intention of the founders was clear when they created the LISA brand: the idea was to be different and imaginative.
It refers neither to the name of the company’s founder nor the founder’s daughter. Nor is it an acronym or a real person. Although LISA is not physically present, “she” guides our decision-making process.

Technical sketches of Leornardo da Vinci

Echo of Leonardo da Vinci?

LISA could very well be a reference to the universal genius, the passionate creator of technology and innovation, with his absolute rigor and capacity for revolutionary and visionary inventions, as well as being a talented artist who skillfully combined great technical skill with simplicity.

The LISA products and Leonardo da Vinci definitely share the same genetic heritage.


Is LISA a muse?

Perhaps. In any case, LISA imposes her style. She conveys all her grace and elegance. She ensures that her identity is reflected in each of the company’s projects. As a veritable source of inspiration, all or part of her sleek lines are evoked on many occasions, whether in the company’s emblem, or the AKOYA’s contours. LISA is well aware of the power of her charm …

Is the akoya the jewel in lisa’s crown?

The AKOYA is also the name of a pearl, which is characterized by its lightness, brilliance, and unique reflections. It is a symbol par excellence of its country of origin, Japan, where attention to detail is brilliantly combined with a love of beauty.

Whatever LISA’s signification is, we are happy to know that everyone will make his own story.