AKOYA amphibious airplane flying above water

The AKOYA has a remarkable ability to combine performance, versatility, top-of-the-range equipment, comfort, and a large payload capacity. This feat is made possible by the use of the very best materials and a precise and optimized design, created by LISA’s engineers.
The instruments and equipment integrated into the AKOYA have been selected according to three criteria: quality, reliability, and intuitiveness.

Remarkable quality

Our quality approach is driven by a quest for excellence. To ensure that our products enable our clients to adopt new lifestyles, they must have complete trust in LISA Airplanes’ products. We achieve this through robustness, durability, and great attention to detail. The boldness and innovation of our planes does not run counter to these notions.
Each component in our planes is made by well-established companies in the aviation sector, which have been rigorously selected by LISA. Only proven hi-tech materials are used. At our Savoie site, we assemble all these elements, carry out all the tests on the ground and, of course, undertake the flights required to validate the aircraft before delivery.
The AKOYA is produced in limited edition in order to ensure that each aircraft is given the required care and attention to detail. All the surface finishes are completed by hand; each AKOYA is therefore a unique piece.



Creating a new generation of aircraft does, of course, not mean reinterpreting an existing aircraft design.


Materials and manufacture


Producing an aircraft fitted with so much equipment with an overall unladen weight of 882 lbs is quite a challenge.


Quality finish


From the outset, the founders of LISA Airplanes, who believe in and have a taste for quality, have chosen to prioritize aesthetic considerations and elegance.


Exclusive services


The AKOYA is more than just an aircraft it is a gateway to a new lifestyle.