Amphibious airplanes with pilot and student during a pilot training course on the lake

The AKOYA is more than just an aircraft it is a gateway to a new lifestyle. We wanted to create something completely new in aviation, by combining the AKOYA with a range of exclusive services that enable you to fully enjoy the pleasures of flying. To help you save time and give you complete peace of mind, we have created the “LISA Pilot Sphere”.

A comprehensive and fully personalized range of services

The “LISA Pilot Sphere” provides all the necessary services, from maintenance to transportation services, to help you use and enjoy your aircraft. You will be in contact, in complete confidentiality, with the member of staff who is best acquainted with your aircraft and your requirements, in order to find a “turnkey” solution that is best adapted to your needs.

LISA AKOYA seaplane with passengers on board

Personalized flying training

From beginner to experienced pilots, the training provided by the LISA Flight Center is designed to suit every need and desire. Radically different from traditional flying schools, the LISA Flight Center trains you to fly in optimal conditions. In a personalized program created by LISA’s chief pilot, you are taken in hand by your flying instructor, who assists and instructs you throughout your training period.


An ideal environment for flying training

Located between the high mountains of the Alps and the sparkling waters of the Lac du Bourget (Lake Bourget), LISA did not choose this idyllic setting at random. Both magical and practical, this environment provides the perfect balance in order to combine diverse flying conditions with a relaxed atmosphere.

The exclusivity of an offer must go beyond the product