Akoya cockpit handcrafted finishes

Differentiation through quality

From the outset, the founders of LISA Airplanes, who believe in and have a taste for quality, have chosen to prioritize aesthetic considerations and elegance. The company’s upscale image perceived by our clients encouraged us to strengthen and extend these factors by creating the LISA Design Studio within the company. In addition to its leading role in the design of the products and definition of the customization features, the studio is the guarantor of the perceived quality of our airplanes.
The studio’s team works closely with our teams of engineers to ensure that the notions of aestheticism, functionality, and quality are incorporated into the design work and, above all, the product’s manufacturing process.

Exceptional quality down to the smallest details

The design team pays particular attention to the surface aspect of the composite components. Indeed, this involves achieving a perfect and durable finish after the painting phase, like that of a luxury sedan, while minimizing the amount of paint applied. To obtain a top-class surface finish, the recipe is simple and cannot be altered in any way: a combination of perfectionism and time. At each stage, from the lay-up of the composite parts in the mold to the sanding of the final layer of varnish, the work carried out by each team of skilled professionals must be of an exemplary meticulousness. The time devoted to the finish at each stage is key to obtaining a final high-quality finish.

Leather artisanal work for the akoya interior
Elegance at the service of performance